Monday, December 20, 2004

Important Kosher food Update

From yesterday's NYT -- NJ section

You Could Call It The Fifth Question

By Jonathan Miller

Is Manischewitz leaving Jersey City faster than you can say gefilte fish?

The world's largest maker of unleavened bread, along with borscht and other kosher foods, has been a fixture in Jersey City since 1932, where it has maintained its corporate headquarters and bakes about 20 million pounds of matzo a year. But lately, rumors have swirled that it might be leaving, especially since last week, when the company moved its offices to Secaucus from the edge of the tumbledown warehouse district near the Jersey City waterfront. But with high-rise apartments sprouting up and warehouses converting to lofts, the neighborhood is more chichi than Tam Tam.

Last week, the president and chief executive of the B. Manischewitz Company, Bruce Glickstein, did not dismiss the chatter. Asked if the plant would be shut down and moved, he said: ''It could be. We know the land's worth money. We're listening to anyone coming to talk to us.''

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