Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Media Derangement Syndrome

Leave it to Hugh Hewitt to have the most nitwitted response to the Hillary-is-a non-disclosing-charitable-woman story:

I am sure the Washington Post would have handled the McCain Foundation in exactly the same way, tipping the senator to the story so that the necessary dmaage (sic) control could get done before the story ran.

Actually, you dolt, that's exactly what they would have done. See, this is how journalism works -- even the shoddy type on display here. You report the story, then you contact the target of your reporting to get some kind of comment or response. You give them ample time to do so. If, in the meantime, they correct the problem, you report on it, which is exactly what The Post did:

Her office immediately amended her Senate ethics reports to add that information late yesterday after receiving inquiries from The Washington Post.

But, see, in Hugh's world, this is "tipping off" Hillary Clinton. Apparently, it's unconscionable to allow the target of your investigation to respond to your charges.

Remind me again why people take this guy seriously?

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Just wondering

Many, many, in the Outrage Community are just really unhappy with a photo, published by The New York Times, that shows a wounded American soldier in Iraq who later died (there's accompanying video, and a story, too, but the photo appears to have been scrubbed).

I'm curious (really curious) how these same indivduals feel about this much-praised Michael Yon photo? The one that shows a soldier tenderly cradling the corpse of an Iraqi child. It's obvious what Malkin thinks (surprise!)

Do the outragists believe this is a violation of this child's dignity? Do they think it has sapped our will? Did Yon contact the next-of-kin prior to publishing? Are they outraged that Yon is selling signed copies of a photo depicting a baby corpse?

Or is it all O.K. because he supports the war?

As for my personal take, I think the Times' video and story are gripping pieces of reportage, rarely seen out of Iraq. But I think the Times should have made damn sure to contact the family before publishing anything. Still, it's obvious what' s motivating the Outragists. It is not this lapse in judgment in notifying the family, but a monomaniacal hatred of the NYT, fueled by the notion that publishing the photo and video is somehow anti-American.

Hence, my questions regarding the Yon photo.

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