Monday, February 05, 2007

Just wondering

Many, many, in the Outrage Community are just really unhappy with a photo, published by The New York Times, that shows a wounded American soldier in Iraq who later died (there's accompanying video, and a story, too, but the photo appears to have been scrubbed).

I'm curious (really curious) how these same indivduals feel about this much-praised Michael Yon photo? The one that shows a soldier tenderly cradling the corpse of an Iraqi child. It's obvious what Malkin thinks (surprise!)

Do the outragists believe this is a violation of this child's dignity? Do they think it has sapped our will? Did Yon contact the next-of-kin prior to publishing? Are they outraged that Yon is selling signed copies of a photo depicting a baby corpse?

Or is it all O.K. because he supports the war?

As for my personal take, I think the Times' video and story are gripping pieces of reportage, rarely seen out of Iraq. But I think the Times should have made damn sure to contact the family before publishing anything. Still, it's obvious what' s motivating the Outragists. It is not this lapse in judgment in notifying the family, but a monomaniacal hatred of the NYT, fueled by the notion that publishing the photo and video is somehow anti-American.

Hence, my questions regarding the Yon photo.

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