Saturday, March 31, 2007

It takes two to lie: One to lie and one to listen

Everything would have been fine with Purge-alot if only Alberto Gonzales hadn't said words that were the opposite of the truth, argue the valiant Powerlinemen:

We now know that Gonzales had a few discussions over a two year period, but apparently they involved keeping him apprised, and he made no contribution when it came to selecting which U.S. attorneys should be dismissed. If Gonzales, who was speaking off-the-cuff in response to a question, had said that he was not involved in "substantive discussions" or that he had no "input," instead of saying he was not involved in any "discussions," there probably would be no inconsistency.

That's absolutely right. Relatedly, there would have been no "inconsistency" had Pres. Clinton said that he did have sexual relations with that woman. But, well, you know...

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

McCain: The Lincoln of Our Time

John Hinderaker -- he of the restrained missives informing us that George W. Bush is "a man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius" -- decides to take a measured look at John McCain and see how he's fighting the Global War Against All Those Brown People:

When it comes to the war on terror, is he the Lincoln of our time?

Seriously. Even Hugh Hewitt's co-blogger thinks Hinderaker is out of his mind.

Later, Paul Mirengoff adds, in all seriousness: "I respect and admire John McCain, especially on the issue of Iraq. But I'd have to put aside his advocacy on behalf of detainee rights before I could consider him the Lincoln of our time on the war on terror."

I swear, Tbogg or Roy could stay up all night and still not write lines this funny.

Meanwhile: Still in search of American flaneurs in Baghdad.

UPDATE: Just as we expected on the flaneur matter. But kudos to Power Line for actually putting this up (it must have been severly disappointing for them not to stick it to CNN)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mission: Silly

Never ones to take a technical knockout and then not keep fighting, Power Line suggests that we should all use the Power of the Blogosphere to determine whether John McCain was right in asserting that people like McCain and Bill Bennett can now stroll peacefully down many boulevards in Baghdad without fear of death or dismemberment (To which CNN's Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware responds: HaHaHaHaHa!).

Knowing that the media are biased and possibly evil, Power Line quotes Bennett's producer hilariously wondering aloud:

So some research is required, in the best tradition of getting at the truth, using radio, cable news, and the blogosphere: any of our military readers on the ground in Iraq care to chime in?

To which the Power Lineman sez:

Who is right? McCain, Ware? Or is it somewhere in between. Seth suggests that we "bleg" our readers in uniform on the ground who, "we have a feeling, might just be able to give the most credible report of all." Please let us hear from you.

Yes, who is right? I, for one, will be intrigued to see just how many unarmed, non-dead American civilians our military finds strolling down the liberated streets of Iraq's capital.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

He really said that

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs calls Huffington Post "a hate site."

Worst case of projection ever.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Peretz: All muslims are rapists, of course

And I'm also sure the still-Editor-in-Chief of The New Republic would agree that all Jews are money-grubbing blood-suckers:

I noted in my Spine posting this morning that a Beduin gang in Israel had been raping Jewish women as acts of revenge for what the IDF did in the West Bank. One fact that is certain is that rape is not one of its activities. And that is because flesh is not a provocation or a dare in Israeli life. Women and men wear clothes appropriate to the weather. Like people in, let's say, Barcelona. How does one explain this cruel and uncivilized "political" act? Well, surely not politically. These are repressed men, very repressed, and since they cannot kiss or touch women in their own towns ... you understand.

No, Marty, I don't undertand. Please explain in full. Are all Muslims the world over rapists or potential rapists because they are allegedly "repressed"? Is there any bigoted stereotype out there about Muslims you won't promote?

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Glenn Beck: Immigrants are like cancer

He's just a reasonable kind of guy.

We're facing an immigration epidemic due to these illegal aliens, and using a thesaurus isn't going to save us. We can call cancer uncontrolled cells, but they're still going to kill the body, just like unchecked illegal immigration is killing our middle class.

This was on his TV show on CNN Headline News, last night.

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