Friday, November 26, 2004

What the NYT left out

Space. The final frontier for newspapers. Here's an article I wrote on a stadium closing in New Jersey. Part of the story is centered on an old-time rivalry between two schools in Union City. Knowing next to nothing about the two schools, I was fairly pleased that I broke a little news here. Alas, when the paper came out, the paragraph was omitted. Here, dear reader, is that graf in full:
Of course, it wouldn’t be a rivalry without a little controversy. This past Tuesday, the coach of Emerson, Edwin Marinez, stood up at a joint-school alumni dinner and accused Union Hill’s coaches of writing to the state over the eligibility of a player on his team. That statement shocked Union Hill supporters, and Mr. Marinez now says he was wrong to make the accusation. “It was a mistake on my part,” he said after the game, “I apologize for it.”

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