Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bill Sammon is a disgrace

The Washington Times 'reporter' as Gadflyer so deliciously dissects, essentially created, out of whole cloth, the "UN hates on US aid" meme. It has been repeated, ad nauseum in the blogosphere and other media outlets. Sammon appeared on O'Reilly, the silliness was hashed out on CSPAN and NPR, and the whole thing has mushroomed into a gigantic non-story. All this despite the fact that, minor point, the UN official never specifically mentioned the US as "stingy" in aid to development.

But that doesn't stop our enterprising scribe.

In fact, he does a follow-up to his own fake reporting with this hilarious non-rowback:
The White House was forgiving of Mr. Egeland's comments. Spokesman Trent Duffy
accepted at face value Mr. Egeland's explanation that his remarks had been misinterpreted. "I think some of those were taken out of context," Mr. Duffy said.

And just who were they taken out of context by?

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