Friday, December 10, 2004

But God told me to commit certain deeds!

Ah Jersey City, home of the unabashed rogue. Readers may recall that in November, the city held a special election for mayor filled with 11 kooks, nutballs and noodleheads (scroll down for article -- and in case you were wondering, the drunk exhibitionist won). The King of the Noodleheads, though, was a man who said that he didn't want to run, but was forced to because God had ordered him to. And when I interviewed Dwayne Baskerville in the hall outside his housing project apartment, he repeatedly asked me whether I was, in fact, 'Spider-Man.' Turns out now that the former crack addict, who somehow managed to convince 594 people to vote for him, has been indicted in a hopelessly complicated land fraud scheme.

No word on defense strategy, but I'm sure when Dwayne runs again for mayor in 2013, he'll have a solid hold on the Born Again, Again bloc.

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