Saturday, December 25, 2004

Clinton is getting our troops killed, Part II

Before arguing that troop numbers don't really matter (after all, 530,000 troops didn't secure Vietnam, did they?), Victor Davis Hanson makes sure to cover all bases and posits that even if we don't have enough troops, it's somebody else's fault anyway. Sure to warm the hearts for Rumsfeld enthusiasts everywhere is this:
In truth, the real troop problem transcends Iraq. Our shortages are caused by a military that was slashed after the Cold War and still hasn't properly recouped to meet the global demands of the war against Islamic fascism — resulting in rotation nightmares, National Guard emergencies, and stop-order controversies.

We must stop this Clinton now, before he strikes again. There's no telling what this madman could do.

Apparently, Mr. Davis's powers go beyond blaming our current mess on a President who left office nearly four years ago and have been extended to reading the thoughts of the dead.
A thousand brave Americans gave their lives in combat to ensure that the most wicked nation in the Middle East might soon be the best, and the odds are that those remarkable dead, not the columnists in New York, will be proven right — no thanks to post-facto harping from thousands of American academics and insiders in chorus with that continent of appeasement Europe.
Note to Hanson and NRO editors: "Bremer," not "Bremmer."

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