Sunday, December 19, 2004

Fed up with NYC

Have you ever reached that point when you've just had it with a city? I'm reaching that with Gotham, even though I live just outside it. Yesterday I slogged through an hour and a half of traffic to go approximately 10 miles, parked for about an hour, did some printing and then left the city. The total? $71. That's $6 for going through the Holland Tunnel and $65 for an expired meter that, at 10 minutes per quarter is easily the worst bang for your buck you can find. Why don't they just come clean and charge by the second?

Public Service portion of the blog: Did you know that if you park at a broken meter, you're allowed to park there for free, but for only one hour? (or you'll get ticketed)
At a broken meter parking is allowed only up to one hour (60 minutes). Where a meter is missing, parking is still allowed for the maximum time on the posted sign. (An hour for a 1-hour meter, 2 hours for a 2-hour meter, etc.). If all the meters are broken the driver shall follow the rules pertaining to broken or missing regular street meters as stated here.

See? It's not a total raping.

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