Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fight song change non-trend

So anyone who knows me also knows that I was a big band geek, and was probably the only person who knew all the words to my college's pathetic fight song. ("Our hearts are with you as we meet the foe"?)

So here comes this article today, clearly an outgrowth of earlier work the author had done on the subject, that somewhat falls flat on its promise of a trend that "some colleges are tweaking their fight songs." The only wholesale change to a fight song the author could find was at UC Berkeley, which completely re-wrote their song. The rest of the examples are ones where "man" or "men" is changed to "one" or something else. Not exactly earth-shattering. Also, when you use the term "anachronism" three times in one article, it's too much.

Then, the last third of the article is a review of some of the sillier lyrics. Take a look at this:
Aggies, oh Aggies
We'll win this game or know the reason why
And when we win this game
We'll buy a keg of booze
And we'll drink to the Aggies
'Til we wobble in our shoes

Texas A&M, original party school.

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