Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The football experts are dumbasses

Both Mark Maske and Gregg Easterbrook think it's a great idea to have Koy Detmer handing off to Reno Mahe and throwing to some guy that just walked off the street. What else can we conclude from these remarks?
Maske: But plenty of coaches around the league say that the best approach in such a situation is to play all the players who are able to play, keep the team's mindset the same as it has been all season and just hope that no one gets hurt.

Easterbrook: Teams that have locked up their best possible finish, as Philadelphia had before Week 16, always face a dilemma in how to handle the end of the regular season. TMQ says play to win.

Great idea! Hey if McNabb gets hurt giving his all in an utterly meaningless game, that's just the breaks!

No it's not. It's idiocy.

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