Monday, December 13, 2004

Hard news

So this reporter claims he was sent by his editor on this assignment to do a hard-hitting expose on go-go bars. You know, to check if these places are really keeping the high standards that you'd usually expect of such establishments. What a dreadful thing, but it sounds like the makings of a five- or six-part series. Best line is in the editor's note that starts the story:
We wrestled over what description to include and what to omit in an effort to balance taste and information.

Stuff was omitted! OK, that was the second-best line, here's the first.

The law prohibits entertainers from performing acts considered to be "lewd, immoral, or improper." The dance described above ended with the dancer biting me lightly through my jeans.

And it wasn't on the leg.

And one more, for good measure.
Naked, she dropped to her knees, with her buttocks propped toward me. Her hands still on the stage, she extended both legs over my shoulders and crossed her feet behind my head. Then, she bent her knees - rapidly and repeatedly - jerking my face toward her crotch.

When's the unrated DVD of this report coming out? I'm there! [via Romenesko]

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