Friday, December 31, 2004

Novak hearts Fifth Amendment

A nice summary article about Robert D. Novak, super-spy exposer, noted heckler vigilante; and one of those strong, silent types of men. Somehow believes he has not divulged the identity of the leaker, and yet is not the target of a criminal probe. And for a man who loves yelling about things he knows little about, he has remained surprisingly quiet on the matter. A minor point left out of the story that has been noted by others: While Novak now says he did not receive a planned leak, that directly contradicts what he told Newsday in 2003.
Novak, in an interview, said his sources had come to him with the information. "I didn't dig it out, it was given to me," he said. "They thought it was significant, they gave me the name and I used it."

Spin, spin, spin.

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