Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Rush, we apologize

Earlier, we at Blogoland spoke of the HawkGawker story as one that would cause the Limbaughs of the world to giggle themselves blue over. Well, how very, very wrong we were. Rush, bane of the spotted owl, lover of clear-cutting and believer that trees pollute our environment, is outraged over the eviction!

To wit:
“It’s sort of a sad story."

"These hawks weren’t bothering anybody, and these people in the building loved them. "

"There’s another reason they were liked is because they killed pigeons."

"I feel sorry for these birds. The birds weren’t doing anything to anybody."

“You gotta credit these hawks. People think birds live in trees. Like the spotted owl needed virgin old growth, or pristine -- whatever it was -- trees. But here you had a couple hawks living basically on concrete. Adaptive birds. And they’ve just been shafted. No more nest.”

Mr. Limbaugh, your Friends of the Earth membership packet is already in the mail.

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