Friday, December 10, 2004

Support the War, Not the Troops!

It's been entertaining watching the wingers try to spin this armor-Rumsfeld flap. But Rush takes the cake here, when he says he wants to have "a little fun" on his show over whether troops are in danger of being killed for lack of armor. In this transcript excerpt, he's responding to "Mr. Snerdley":
"You've seen this Rumsfeld story?" He said, "Oh, yeah." I said, "Well, I tell you, I want to do something. I want to have a little fun with this today." I said, "At some point I'm going to talk about this story and I'm going to bring you guys in here and say, 'Look, if it's a new policy now that employees have their bitch sessions in public, I'm going to bring you and Dawn and Brian in here and I want you to start complaining about the fact that the ice machine doesn't fill up every day, that you still have to sometimes wait for it, that your new 30-inch computer display monitor hasn't come in yet and you're still slaving away your 23-inch display," seventeen-inch display; sorry, Mr. Snerdley, and Dawn wanted to explain that the dishes in the dining room are not the right shade of white and gold that she ordered, and what are we going to do about it.

Ice machines and television screens vs. troops in peril due to official incompetence. I see his point.

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