Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Unabashed Pale Male update

Still can't get enough of that lovable itinerant pigeon eviscerator? Well, the local PBS station is going to be showing that documentary you've heard so much about, tonight at 8 p.m. Set your Tivos.

UPDATE update: Not bad, but couldn't we have done with a little less of these types of comments?

"Pale male was such a good dad. When I was young, I didn’t get affection like that.” -- one of the legion of hawk-gawkers.

"We’re blood brothers now. He flew away with a little bit of Iowa blood on him. That’s a kick. That’s a kick." -- the photographer commenting after one of the hawks bites him

"It’s wonderful! It’s Biblical!” -- the local elderly bird-guy discussing the birds bringing up their family “the right way.”

"Who knew these animals could bring us together and lift our spirits to such unexpected heights?" -- the narrator, the incomparable Joanne Woodward

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