Thursday, December 16, 2004

Urban grit at only $3,000 a month!

Via Matthew Yglesias, a musing on his neighborhood led him to comment on the Ellington Apartments [skip the annoying intro], a modest U Street loft which apparently offers that urban flavor you've been looking for, with 2BR starting at only $3,050 per month! And that's not even the best part of it. Look at what the good people at the Ellington have to say about their like totally gritty neighborhood.
There’s a weight in the rhythm of the living on U. Pulsing beats through open doors of city streets. Jazz. Hip Hop. R&B. Blues. Uniting in Community. Sharing an affinity for evenings spent savoring food, music, life. Nights alive in the lure of U.

When the sun rises, city sidewalks revive once more. Cafes filling. Cups of coffee brimming.

Someone went to the J. Peterman-by-way-of-Seinfeld School of writing copy.

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