Saturday, December 11, 2004

When snark comes true

So this is part of an email I sent on Thursday to a blogger that included a link to my earlier observations on that plucky Fifth Avenue bird of prey:
Three articles in two days? An editorial? Stay tuned for the day three story: an A1 piece on why a hawk just can't get by in today's go-go NYC.

Ha ha. Well, sometimes the caricature is the reality, complete with a splashy page one photo and a twin byline story. And what of this nut graf?
The story of Pale Male, how he came to live at one of Manhattan's most exclusive addresses and then was sent away, is one of wealth and fame meeting nature and instinct, of an obscure international treaty researched and clarified, and of anger among those who live in an elegant building where, Ms. Moore now says, relations have become frosty.

The prodigal Hawk. An archetypal story for our time.

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