Monday, January 31, 2005

36-point-font headlines stripped across the top of page 1 are hard to read!

At least for Instapundit readers. From today's Insty:

Glenn: as predicted, the offending paragraph was missing from this morning's hard copy. New lede: "Bombs Kill 35."


Sigh Sigh. For the record, this "lede" (in news biz parlance, they're actually called 'headlines' -- the lede is the first paragraph) was blared across the top of Page 1 this morning:

"Defying Threats, Millions of Iraqis Flock to Polls"

For those that scrutinize the Times with Talmudic fervor, I know it was tough to miss this one. Also, the Insty reader had a tough time even getting the subhead right. It reads "Bombers Kill 35," not "Bombs." Better luck next time, pal.

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