Sunday, January 30, 2005

Chalabi for PM!

Dear God, is this man flying under the radar or what? Leafed through The Times just now and noticed everyone's favorite Pentagon exile-cum-Iraq-leader and spy-secrets-with-Iran-sharer. Yup, he's on one of those inscrutable tickets (the "United Iraqi Alliance" for all you keeping score, with Abdul Aziz al-Hakim of SCIRI fame). Here's how the NYT chooses to thumbnail (click on "interactive graphic" to the right) describe him:
Ahmad Chalabi: Shiite Arab. Secular minded. A leading candidate for Prime Minister. Controversial with both Iraqis and Americans.

Really? PM? Oh boy.

UPDATE: Eschaton and Jack Shafer are on this story but good. Can someone tell me what's going on? And, full disclosure, I do frequent freelance work for the NYT, but am in no way related to Ms. Miller.

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