Friday, January 07, 2005

Christmas is for Jews, apparently

At least according to playwright Kathie Lee Gifford. Yes, Kathie Lee. And stop rubbing your eyes. Seems the Billy Graham fanatic has put together a delightful new theatre production (title: "Under the Bridge") complete with lovable homeless scamps warbling these future hits:

"Long as we Have Us"
"Something Called Love"
"This is the Gypsy Life"
"Christmas is Everyone's Holiday"

Additional lyric credits: Bill O'Reilly.

Rejected songs: "God's got a plan for those Arabs," and "Everyone loves Pork"

Some disappointment in learning that the production was not, in fact, based on the Anthony Kiedis junkie epic.

EXTRA! Click here to listen to the enchanting: "You will meet with Adventure today"

Purchase the full-cast recording! (only $20!)

And a chat with Kathie Lee in which she reveals that a new, exciting play "Hurricane Aimee" (about a radio evangelist) is also in the works. Charming!

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