Sunday, January 30, 2005

Kook of the year?

John H. Hinderaker, founder of Time Magazine's "Blog of the Year," and clearly a reasonable, rational person, was just on WABC-AM with Larry Kudlow. After calling the Iraq elections a "bombshell" (interesting word choice) for the Middle East, he went on to say that it was "pretty clear" that in our country, "the Left had lined up behind the terrorists."

I agree. I also agree that the Right has lined up behind the Nazi pedophile crackheads, but what are you gonna do?

UPDATE: Welcome, Eschatonians. Feel free to poke around this all-too-infrequently updated interweb journal thingy.

Also, the quote above should read: "The Left HAS lined up behind the terrorists." Just for accuracy's sake.

UPDATE 2: Reader Chuck Olsen says he's made a documentary that includes Hinderaker making very similar comments to the ones above. Check it out.

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