Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bimbo blond bobblehead calls for death to journalists

Via, of all places, NRO -- which decries what was said -- here is the transcript of an appearance by Ann Coulter on Kudlow & Kramer from Feb. 7. You'd think you'd be astonished, but you shouldn't be anymore, judging from some of her earlier voiced desires for Timothy McVeigh to drive his truck-full-o-fun into The Times building.

KUDLOW: We got a couple of seconds before the break when you guys are all going to come back, but, Ann, I just want to give you first whack at this. Eason Jordan, top news executive at CNN — I mean, to me, this is absolutely incredible — this guy says at a big conference in Davos that the US military is deliberately targeting and assassinating American journalists. Huh? He still has a job, huh? You got a take on that?

COULTER: Would that it were so!

KUDLOW: Would what were so?

COULTER: That the American military were targeting journalists.

KUDLOW: Oh, no! Don't go there.

COULTER: No, but, I mean, he immediately — it was just an incredibly cowardly thing to do. He says it, he immediately backs down to — from the statement that it is official government policy to be targeting journalists to, `Oh, it's just a rumor I've heard' and it might just be a few random individuals about which he has no facts, so it's a story that's not only implausible but not particularly interesting to what he has backed down to.

A little later in the discussion:

KUDLOW: Ann Coulter, I want to go with you. I'm going to give you the last word on a completely different subject, but I know you have knowledge on it. General Wayne Downing, a retired four-star, former head of special ops, told this show Friday that basically the time had come for surgical strikes in Syria. Do you have a quick, concluding thought on that?

Ms. COULTER: Yes, they should do that right after targeting the journalists.

More evidence that Coulter is, in fact, a Democrat mole.

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