Saturday, February 05, 2005

The (Judy) Miller--Chalabi non-bombshell

And I say this as a person who collects many, many checks from the gang on 43rd Street (for which I am grateful), but Good Lord, what was Bill Keller thinking when he told Daniel Okrent this??
"I'm sorry to be unhelpful on this one, but Judy faces a serious danger of being sent to jail for protecting a confidential source," Keller told me in an e-mail message. "I think this is not the time to be drawn into unrelated public discussions of Judy."

Of course, Dan was asking Bill to comment on Ms. Miller's revelation on MSNBC's 'Hardball' that a certain Ahmed Chalabi was getting a nice bit of help from the 'Muricans for possibly an interior ministry job thingy. No small matter, except never reported in the paper. Miller never responded to calls, and Keller took a pass. OK, fine. Then why in the world is she reporting for the paper and talking on the TeeVee if she can't be drawn into a public discussion of her own reporting and talking? If she's so compromised by the Valerie Plame affair, then should she not be relieved of doing further work for the paper?

Just wondering.

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