Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ouch. Or Heh, Indeed

From Poynter's Medianews website:
From STEVE LOVELADY, managing
editor, CJR Daily:

I have no patience for these armchair critics of real journalists, dead and alive, who throw the dice and enter the valley of death to get to the story.

Such Internet dilettantes need to get a life.

More importantly, they also need to do a little elementary research before they sound off from the comfort of foundation sinecures, or sequestered law offices, or academic preserves, about men and women -- some of whom do not come back -- who venture out every day, at great peril and under fire, to report back the truth. It's time we distinguish here the warriors from the sideline commentators and bloviators.

Oy (?) As they say in some quarters, Read the whole thing.

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