Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Cup of Jonah

As many of you know by now, Starbucks struck on a brilliant plan to print on its cups the Deep Thoughts of our leading intellectuals -- you know, the likes of Ken Auletta, Keith Olbermann and the immortal Sue Bird.

The latest installment? Everyone's favorite cuddly tape peddler, Mr. Goldberg.

Here is his gem:
"Everywhere, unthinking mobs of “independent thinkers” wield tired clichés like cudgels, pummeling those who dare question “enlightened” dogma. If “violence never solved anything,” cops wouldn’t have guns and slaves may never have been freed. If it’s better that 10 guilty men go free to spare one innocent, why not free 100 or 1,000,000? Clichés begin arguments, they don’t settle them." -- Jonah Goldberg, editor-at-large of National Review Online.

Deep, dude. And probably better than "Now where did I put that man-juice-stained dress?"

Not to be missed: the exclusive extended Starbucks interview with Sir Jonah.

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