Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dept. of really bad analogies

The lead paragraph in a story from today's NYT:
Catalina Severa knows a thing or two about urban chaos. She was among those World Trade Center workers who managed to escape from the towers before they fell on Sept. 11, 2001, rushing downstairs and onto the street with hundreds of others fleeing in panic. But yesterday morning, as she and thousands of other New Yorkers coped with the shutdown of the Lexington Avenue subway line, the city's busiest, Ms. Severa said she was reminded of the crowds and confusion on that fateful day.

"It was a big mess," she said around 11 a.m. while waiting for the downtown No. 6 train to arrive at the 86th Street station in Manhattan.

That's right, 9/11 was just like the Lexington Ave. line shutdown, plus or minus three thousand dead. The "urban chaos" thing is a nice thouch, too.

And Nick, I know you're new to town, but the "everything has to do with 9/11" storyline kind of faded out around March '03.

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