Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ironic Ad Watch: Those meanie Dems don't have a SS plan!

Just saw this on CNN a few minutes ago. [QuickTime video]

[cue menacing, sad piano tones. See Bush signing bill, talking at SOTU]

NARR: “President Bush wants to rescue Social Security. He asked for all ideas to be put on the table. Can you think of any ideas that national Democrats have offered? Go.

[Show super-menacing-looking clock ticking for 10 seconds]

NARR: Democrats have no solutions for Social Security. None. Tell Congress that Social Security is too important for partisan games.”

Holy moly.

Note use of term "ideas." Nice weasel-way to get out of the fact that the President himself has acknowledged that he has no plan.
I have not laid out a plan yet, intentionally. I have laid out principles, I've talked about putting all options on the table, because I fully understand the administration must work with the Congress to permanently solve Social Security. So one aspect of the debate is, will we be willing to work together to permanently solve the issue.

Brought to you by the same nice folks who cooked up "Ashley's Story"

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