Friday, March 18, 2005

La-la land

Hard as it may be to believe, me and the monkeys of Blogoland were watching the Ashlee Simpson Show last night (How could I miss it? Apparently it's under contract to run on a continuous, 24-hour loop on a station formerly known as "MTV.")

Anyway, the subject matter of the day involved our eponomyous hero and her battle against the bad earpieces in her Orange Bowl halftime show.

'Oh,' you're asking, 'Is that the one that got mercilessly booed by the fans?' Why, yes. [click on Box on right-hand side to watch video]

Now, reality is a little different on Ashlee's show. Cut away to shots of her sister, Jessica: "She sounds awesome." and then back to shots of the train wreck of a performance. Here's the "capsule" of the episode from the official "Ashlee" website
Ashlee performs at the Orange Bowl half-time show without a working ear piece, making it impossible for her to hear herself. Big sis Jessica spends the entire performance worrying. She knows that even the most experienced of live performers find it difficult to sing when they can't hear themselves.

Now word on what 'big sis' thinks of siblings with no apparent crooning talents. And then the end comes. boos. No nothing. It's just edited out. In fact, don't you realize that it never happened? [When you click on this link head to the right and click on "Video Clips: the Orange Bowl" It gives you the meat of the performance and the after-whining. But no boos.]

It's the height of postmodern genius! Charting the life of an unattractive, talentless pop star, selectively editing out the reality, turning her Waterloo into a triumph. These guys should work for Bush.

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