Friday, March 04, 2005

The NJ Coptic case

Well, as everyone who reads Jihad Watch knows (where words like "patsy" and "Kennedy" come up a lot) by now, there's much, much more to the story of a family of Christian Egyptian Copts being murdered in their home than the government's pallid explanation that it was two "deeply in debt" former drug dealers.

The government and those Trotskyites in the big-time media are still conspiring to cover this up, I tell you. They certainly have a lot to lose if the real story is found out, uh, right?

What say you, PowerLine, Glenn, other reasonable people who were on this case early, shining the light of truth and offering the voice of reason?

UPDATE: Reynolds does update, saying cryptically that the arrests are "a relief in a way." Er. Ok. So how does that stance square with this quote?
ISLAMIST MURDERS IN NEW JERSEY? Looks that way, though it's too early to be sure, and with a possible connection to the Lynne Stewart trial.

Ah, yes, classic Reynolds. Hold forth with an uninformed opinion, hedge, backtrack later, and then hope no one is looking.

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