Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Revenge of the Swifties

If you can stomach it, read through this dreck of an interview in the American Enterprise magazine with everyone's favortite kook, John O'Neill, if only to be reminded that some segment of the country really believes these guys are "heroes." It features such brilliant, non-chuckle-inducing questions like: "You didn't receive criticism from the media alone. Even President Bush criticized your group. Were you disappointed by his reaction?"

And get a load of the intro:
To their great surprise, the testimony of the Swift Boat veterans was simply ignored by a hostile media establishment. The veterans were tenacious, however, and eventually captured the attention of the alternate media, then finally the nation as a whole. That's when the media elites attacked them with icy ferocity.

Yes, "icy ferocity." Perhaps there was this ferocity because these guys turned out to be a bunch of hate-filled liars. Yes, liars. Did I mention they were liars? And not very good ones?

PowerLine is calling for O'Neill to be awarded a Medal of Freedom. Really ("There is no more deserving recipient"). Did you expect no less? Idiots.

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