Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Taking a pass

I find it intriguing that so many right-leaning/libertarian bloggers have been stricken with a case of the non-opinions on the most important story ever in the history of the world, the Terri Schiavo matter. A sampling:
Could it be that they have an opinion, but it's not very kind to any of our leading conservative moralists?

Of course, not to be missed is the inimitable K-Lo, who offers her own hilarious "pox on both houses" routine.
The worst part about this Schiavo frenzy, besides the obvious impending death of a helpless woman, is that it’s now so much about politics. Republicans blaming Democrats for her starving. Now Democrats and everyone else blaming Republicans
for doing anything they've done just to get "pro-life" votes. It’s all so crass. This is a woman’s life we're talking about here. This is a daughter and sister her family just wants to love. But it’s become, too, the stuff of overwrought and rotten editorials and op-eds and punditry. Just seems to make a terrible situation all the most distasteful—as if that is even possible considering the life-and-death level of it all

Almost too stupid to be believed, but par for the course for her.

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