Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Worst voiceover ever

Inspired by a Slate article on the changing timber of voiceovers (an idea I'd mulled over, but then completely forgotten about). Now, I'm no expert, but this has to be one of the strangest spots I've ever heard. It's from a guy called Rocky Gibbs.

The first spot in the sample goes thusly:
Just for a moment, try to imagine: You're dead. You think that's hard? Try this: You're dead, and you don't have life insurance.

Who wrote this? Ugh. And the delivery makes it even better, trust me, just listen.

Here's the guy's bio:

ROCKY GIBBS (201-892-1929, 201-451-2685) AFTRA & EQUITY. Deep resonant baritone. Vocal age range in the 50 to 55 area. Warm and friendly to strong and authoritative. Has some of the James Earl Jones quality.

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