Thursday, April 28, 2005

The '24' folks heart torture, Rush

Via Kevin Drum, some consternation over the use of torture in the Fox show '24.' I always thought it was clear that the producers endorsed the use of torture. Look, Jack Bauer shoots a guy in the leg, electrocutes his girlfriend's husband with wires from a hotel lamp, and does a couple other things I can't recall off the top of my head.

So I wasn't necessarily surprised when Rush Limbaugh revealed this week that the producers of the show were, in fact, huge Rush fans. They personally invited Limbaugh out to the set and he got to watch some of the final episodes being aired.

I'm telling you, folks, there's a movement going on out in Hollywood that stunned me. I mean, there were hundred people there, in and out, a big party, and they did it in my honor. It was just so much fun. The thing started at four o'clock, it was a smoking room party and they had all kinds of people from the show, from outside the show, that came in.


But these guys are all conservatives. You know, in fact Vince Flynn, the great novelist Vince Flynn has been hired just for the past two weeks, he's trying to help them come up with story lines for next season, but Vince is such a groupie of mine, he didn't help them yesterday with any story lines; he was too busy talking me and asking me questions about myself and the radio -- I'm kidding about him being a groupie. He's a big fan. They all were.

Here's a clip of Limbaugh talking about his visit. [not related to above]

Needless to say, I had stopped watching 24 a few weeks previous, not because of the Rush angle, but because the show' had this need to produce cliffhanger after cliffhanger that inevitably led to gaping holes in plot. There are only so many times you can roll your eyes at the action on screen (I'm looking at you "The Phantom Menace") before you give up and tune out. That's what I've done.

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