Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The AP non-controversy

Via Derek Rose, a remarkable bit of push-back from unusual sources regarding AP's Pulitzer Prize-winning photo. In case you haven't been following, there are many right-wing sites (here here here here here here here here and here) alleging, with wild conjecture and hearsay (yes, I'm shocked, too) that an unnamed AP photographer was in cahoots with terrorists by taking a photo of thugs as they murdered Iraqi election workers. Best quote here:
We at Rathergate have damned the media repeatedly during Memogate and the Washington Post’s coverage of the bogus “talking points memo” for the same attitude being displayed in the blogosphere today. It is not up to the GOP to prove themselves innocent of MSM charges, it’s the MSM’s job to prove the GOP guilty with solid evidence.

The same principle applies here – it is not up to the photographer or the Associated Press to prove him ethical when presented with rumor. Without talking to the photographer or getting a tape of the phone call, we will never know what happened.

Exactly right.

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