Monday, April 25, 2005

Gettin Nuke'd

Josh Marshall is doing God's work. No, the Nuclear option was not coined by Democrats, but the GOP sure wants you to think that it was. Here's the otherwise dependably shrewd Brian Lehrer on WNYC this morning:[Comments start at 2:00 timestamp]
LEHRER: Now, Frist is widely seen as taking part in this event to court the religious right for an expected Presidential run in 2008, and it will be largely up to him in the next few weeks whether to employ what Democrats call "the Nuclear Option" --voting to change the Senate rules to forbid filibusters against judicial nominees.


UPDATE: Welcome, TPM readers. And thanks for the link, Josh.

LATER UPDATE: Lehrer offers something of a mini-culpa today, after noting "many emails" on the subject, and gives a little background on the origins of Nuke'd. Good for him.

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