Monday, April 11, 2005

Hey, look at this column I phoned in!

If you're going to write a story about the inaccuracy of blogs, why not, like, be accurate? In his Media Notes column today, Howard Kurtz writes:
Powerline blogger John Hinderaker says he "made a mistake" in concluding it was "an inauthentic document..."

Wrong. That was Scott "Big Trunk" Johnson who wrote that. Read it here. Hinderaker, remarkably, has never admitted he made a mistake, and is still turning himself into knots trying to show how his spectacular wrongness has, in fact, created a new kind of truth. It's DoublePlusGood reading.

Second, quoting Ann Althouse, Kurtz, or his editor, or some alien lifeform inserts a refererence to Mel Martinez's aide in the following way:
"Is Martinez off the hook now that [aide Kevin] Darling has resigned?"

Uh. That's 'Brian.' Not 'Kevin.'

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