Friday, April 22, 2005

Limbaugh:When it's in the NYT, it is sooo over

Rush puts down the crack pipe, gets in touch with his inner hipster and drops some knowledge
I must tell you people: I don't read the New York Times anymore, and I say this proudly. I don't read the op-ed. I don't read the ed. I don't read the front page; I don't read the International Section. I don't read the Style Section, whatever they call it. I don't read any of it because I know what's going to be in it -- and my reaction, when I read the New York Times? Last time I read the New York Times I picked the paper up, I opened it up, I read a story, when I realized I was having the same reaction to the New York Times that I had in the National Enquirer, I said, "It's over."

He then went on to talk about electroclash and Williamsburg. I kid you not.

OK. I'm kidding a little.

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