Sunday, April 17, 2005

Miscegenation update

An interesting post over at Pandagon on what is being referred to as "Asian fetishism." Now, let me be the first to say that I married an American-born Korean woman and am not sure what to make of loser-guys specifically targeting Asian women for their renowned "submissiveness." My wife was the first and last Asian woman I would ever date, so I don't think I fall into the loser-guy category. Others may disagree.

Anyway, there's no denying that certain men do find Asian women hot and date almost exclusively these women. I've encountered a few of them. But I think it's dangerous to equate that, er predeliction, with bizarre acts like the ones described in this article. It's true, if you turn to the back pages of the NY Press and Village Voice you will be inundated with barely clothed spokeswomen for services like "Chopsticks" and "Asian Express," but I have some problems with this conclusion:
It may be easy to disregard the widespread existence of an Asian fetish as an "annoying" but essentially benign phenomenon that does not need to be taken seriously. But, as the Princeton episode demonstrates, we need to be aware of the violent and perverse forms it can take and its serious ramifications.

The "Princeton episode" in detail here. In precis, a grad student targeted Asian women by clipping their hair, dripping semen and urine in unsuspecting cups and other weird stuff.

How can they be more aware? Be more vigilant when a weirdo is surreptitiously dropping his bodily fluids in your drink? Not sure how the Princeton example is instructive.

And this must have been Asian woman week. On VH1 last night, I caught a little bit of a special dedicated to mixed race progeny (yes, really). Tiger Woods and Mariah Carey were discussed. The conclusion? Asian men and black women should probably end up getting together.

And one last thing: the Asian-as-victim is a little tiresome. A friend who went to Japan remarked to me that he was surprised how the Japanese women there couldn't get enough of their American men. He went on to marry one. In other words, it's not a one-way street. If some Asian women find American men attractive, so be it.

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