Sunday, April 24, 2005

Newt: Still crazy after all these years

Got caught up on some good C-SPAN watching, where ole pudgie was chatting in a televised meeting (?) with the Manchester Union Leader's editorial board. How is it, one of the editorial boarders wondered, that we control every single branch of government and yet we're not getting every single thing we want, as is our right?

Well, Newt responded, "They're presiding over the Left's government. They're not running the government." And that certainly makes a lot of sense. If you're psychotic.

Still, the eager editorial boardist persisted: But, but what can we do?

Well, you have to change the entire government culture, the, portly sage replied.


Not too long after, Newt discusses the near certainty that in the future a nuclear weapon will be driven across the border and exploded in a city.


Oh, in case you're wondering Newt sooo sees himself as a serious presidential candidate.

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