Sunday, April 03, 2005

So confused

InstaPundit links approvingly to this article that suggests that Nightline and Ted Koppel were, in fact, bad for America. Showing daily images of hostages and beheadings serve, to a great degree, the purposes of Muslim extremists.
Al Qaeda statements reveal the belief that it is far easier to demoralize Americans than to defeat its armed forces. For this reason, beheading videos have become an important strategic tool in Al Qaeda's arsenal.

And yet, he concludes the decline of network news may actually be undermining the extremists' cause. An interesting point, and Prof. Reynolds adds this pithy remark:
Perhaps that's why we're winning this war.

And yet look at how Prof. Reynolds breezily and snarkily and incorrectly refers to the Nick Berg beheading video from last year (he was wrong, the video led all three networks' broadcasts that night):
MORE OUTRAGEOUS IMAGES OF PRISONER ABUSE: No doubt this will lead the news tonight. (Via Stephen Green).

A little help? Does the Prof. believe we should be showing these images or not? He suggested a hearty "yes" last May, when posting that there were too many Abu Ghraib stories and not enough Nick Berg beheading stories. Has he now changed his tune?

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