Saturday, April 09, 2005

We'll mis you, Ass-Missile and Humungous Appendage

It is a very sad day here at Blogoland.

Sad, because we are being forced to bid farewell to the weirdly homoerotic and too-freaky-to-be-believed nom de plumes at Power Line.

No more Hindrocket.

No more Big Trunk.

No more Deacon.

Instead, today, and throughout the archives, we find only references to such things as "John" and "Paul" and "Scott." Who the hell are these people?

Why, 'Blog of the Year', why? What will we do for chuckles when we read another post about the Evil Lords of the Press and their conspiracy to make us slaves of welfare queens? We beg you to reconsider.

Then again, when you flameout so spectacularly, an extreme makeover is probably in order.

UPDATE: Welcome, all. And yes, that is a misspelling of 'miss' in the headline. Would like to change it, but then, the link would be changed and the post rendered inoperable. So I'll have to live with it.

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