Friday, May 27, 2005

As they say, "Ouch"

Tim Golden, of The New York Times in an interview on the "timing" of his Bagram abuse piece is asked this question by Mariah Blake:
MB: A few conservative bloggers and pundits have questioned the timing of the series. Glen [sic] Reynolds (Instapundit) went as far as suggesting that The New York Times was trying to avert attention from the Newsweek ordeal by running it. What would you say to these critics?

TG: I am reluctant to respond to people who call themselves by names like “Instapundit.” I certainly support scrutiny of the press; the Times is a big, powerful institution and I think it should be accountable to the public. But a lot of our self-appointed critics don’t make much of an effort to base their opinions on facts. Nor do they seem to understand much about the way that newspapers work.

No, they certainly don't.

[Disclosure: I am a sometimes contributor to that selfsame daily based in New York]

UPDATE: Source material

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