Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Frauds are charming

Leave it to the professor:
RUSH LIMBAUGH is currently having an amusingly flustered discussion of anal sex in the context of marriage, gay and straight, with a female caller. One of Limbaugh's charms is his complete inability to pose as a convincing social conservative.

UPDATE: Got in the car right after posting this to go take the Insta-Daughter to the doctor and heard more. Limbaugh makes a poor defender of traditional marriage, but he gave it the old college try.

Ah, yes. See, when you vehemently defend a position that you yourself don't believe in whatsoever, well, that's not hacksterism. It's charming.

I heard the exchange Reynolds was referring to, by the way. Rush got his clock cleaned. He should be embarrassed. Especially delicious was hearing the thrice-divorced and childless Mr. Limbaugh trying to explain that the sine qua non of marriage was "procreation."

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