Thursday, May 26, 2005

Just really unbelievable

So the Pentagon just said there were 5 "mishandlings" of the Koran after all, but it was, you know, "inadvertent." Ah-ha. At the press conference, with Commander Hood and Pentagon flack Lawrence DiRita, this had to be the most telling moment:

Q: [thickly-accented] Are you going to apologize to the Muslim world for what's happened?

DiRita: For what?

Yeah, for what, you know? Newsweek lied and people died, and they sure as shootin' "need to be careful what they say" and "what they do." Oh and they also need to repair the damage they've done. But the U.S. military fucks with the Koran and has nothing to apologize for. I get it. That's a bit different from just last week now, isn't it, Larry?
DiRita: [on the newsweek source] "People are dead because of what this son of a bitch said."

I guess that just doesn't apply to the U.S. military. After all, they don't have well-armed pens with which to kill and torture people.

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