Monday, May 16, 2005


After spending several posts lambasting the media for its irresponsibility, indeed, saying "people may be forgiven for doubting the patriotism of many folks in Big Media," suggesting that reporters are traitors that are "on the other side," Glenn Reynolds links to Michelle Malkin who posits the question "Who was Newsweek's source?" She then goes on to pen an unsubstantiated piece of non-reporting on a person that some "sharp-eyed bloggers" are "looking at" on the Koran-flush leak. And yes, she provides a name. Pathetic. I am not linking to these self-righteous hypocrites for obvious reasons.

UPDATE: Well, guess what? Michelle has an update saying the person she previously named is not, in fact the source. "So, who was it?" queries Ms. Malkin. Yes, who's reputation can we drag through the mud this time? Astonishing.

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