Friday, June 24, 2005

Bias everywhere!

The Cornerites are dabbing their tear-stained cheeks at the big play being given to the Rove "Liberals want American troops dead" comments:
The Washington Post puts the Karl Rove "controversy" on the front page today. That's funny. Durbin's remarks never made the front page (June 17, A-11; June 18 in briefs, A-5; June 19, A-6; June 22 apology, A-6). This seems like Democratic party news judgment, not an independent person's news judgment. Durbin compared American soldiers to Soviet henchmen in the gulag, and that's less outrageous to the Posties than saying liberals thought therapy was the answer to terror. Durbin was dead serious. Rove was in campaign red-meat humor mode.

Uh, Timmy, first of all we refer you to the "motive" quote in which Rove suggests liberals want American troops dead. 'Humor mode,' my fanny. Second, on news judgement: Durbin is a nobody Senator who most had never heard of prior to his comments and Rove is the president's Chief Political Strategist. A bit of a difference, there.

Full transcript of Rove's remarks here.

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