Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The genius of George W. Bush

Well, lots of other people, from the conspiracy kooks to the baffled Left, have commented on John Kerry's release of his military records. Not much to add, so read the links. But I was taken by this snide comment/post from Ann Althouse, who, apparently has cornered the market on judging intellegince in a quanatative manner.

He's not smarter than Bush. That's the whole point. People imagined he was smarter, so this is an opportunity to learn something that might be useful ... in the future about how to perceive and analyze the available information.

And the information remains relevant as long as people keep saying Bush is dumb. The response can be, but the other guy was dumber.

Ah ha. And next up for Prof. Althouse? A probing discussion of why Einstein is, in fact, much dumberer than Bush.
Though Einstein studied physics diligently during the summer of 1895 in preparation from the Zurich Polytechnic, he failed the necessary exams for admission.

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