Monday, June 06, 2005

Idiots on the march

You can't win with these dopes. Criticize the military and you're a traitor. Praise the military and you're a phony. From Power Line:
Professor David Gelernter of Yale University is a man of formidable learning with little patience for phonies. He has detected a tidal wave of phoniness in the celebration of "the greatest generation" by folks with a profile that eerily resembles mine: "Too much, too late."

As a remedy for the phoniness he detects, Professor Gelernter prescribes the teaching of our children the major battles of the war, the bestiality of the Japanese, the attitude of the intellectuals, and the memoirs and recollections of the veterans. I'm already preparing the reading list to comply with Professor Gelernter's prescription.

Sounds like a great class! I'm sure the kiddies will also love it when the Power Line menage gets around to their in-depth discussion on the necrophilia of the Nazis.

Also not to be missed: Power Line describing Gelernter as a "man of formidable learning."

Why that's funny: here and here and here and here.

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