Saturday, June 04, 2005

Mash note to Howard Kurtz

I really don't understand the point of this article. Hey, look, I did a Lexis-Nexis search of Howard Kurtz! 419 articles in one year! Wow! I say that liberal bloggers unfairly attack him, and yet I don't even address one of their complaints! That's good reporting!

And spearking of the latter, here's the biggest howler: "From my reporting, Kurtz appears to meet the burden of fair coverage — no one has found a pulled punch to date."

Do we detect a pattern?

Stoddard is right, Howie does need a vacation. Maybe he can take it with his good bud, Rush.

POSTSCRIPT: Eric Alterman's useful Kurtz observations, from "What Liberal Media?"

And more interesting stuff...

UPDATE: And who could forget this pre-election non-story prompted by Drudge? You know, that ABC held a terror threat tape that they couldn't authenticate? Now why would they would want to do that? No one's ever been slammed for not authenticating something. Included is this classic Drudge quote: "They haven't authenticated previous al Qaeda tapes before airing them," he said. "Why are they waiting to authenticate this? It's election week."

That's not pulling punches. That's called carrying water.

LATER UPDATE: Had thought I included this in the original post, but didn't. Look, I don't begrudge Kurtz's work. He's clearly a tireless guy who often breaks important stories. It just seems to me that he has a pattern -- especially when it comes to right-wing blowhards -- of covering for them. To me, it is bewildering. And so is that CQ article.

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